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Lost Creek Wynston

OFI Siljar x BDF Winifred (by Gjest)
Colt • 05.03.2021 * CFHA # pending • sold Nov 2021

Wynston is everything he was bred to be — a solid, versatile, and intuitive Fjord BFF! Wynston was always ahead of the curve in his essential training, and that allowed him to find and join his new human partner early in life.

Wynston is definitely an "LBE" with more "whoa" than "go". He enjoys human attention, has remarkable patience for his age, and his learning style is to take a few moments to sort things out. Wynston accumulated some trail time before leaving — without mom — and we always found him a pleasure to handle ... and so of course we miss him!

Fortunately Wynston's new human partner is keeping in touch with us, and we're collectively planning to get together occasionally — Winny and Wynston are unusually good friends, and we'd like them to be able to continue their relationship.

Wynston means "joyful stone" ... and indeed, Wynston has a cheery disposition with a rock-solid temperament and build. He is also very much "a chip off the ol' block" — a mini of his mom Winny.

Willows Skjonnti

Fair Acres Ole x Elsie Rose (by Sverre)
Mare • 03.19.2009 * CFHA # [CAN] 3521 • NFHR # 09-6180-M • sold Oct 2021

Willow was Jim's riding horse for three years and a broodmare for two seasons, and we truly expected her to remain here indefinitely. Then Willow's broodmare career was cut short by the revelation that she has some less-than-ideal reproductive traits that we cannot ethically risk perpetuating (particularly repeated placental retention). With Jim's equine time devoted almost entirely to Linus (Willow's first foal), and without a foal for her to nurture, Willow wasn't getting as much action as she wanted and deserved, and we realized that, without pregnancy to raise her herd status, Willow was at the bottom and not liking that one bit. Gwen had always said Willow would make an outstanding therapy horse, so when a therapy opportunity arose, we weren't about to stand in her way. Willow has now been a pet, a pack horse, a trail horse, a mom, and a therapy equine — truly a versatile Fjord!

We definitely do NOT call horses by their breeder prefix instead of their given name, but Willow had answered to "Willow" for all but the first few months of her life and through three prior owners, so we went with it.

HF King Leonidas

WH Stone x Iduna Acres Tova (by Smedsmo Graen)
Gelding • 07.13.2012 • CFHA # [CAN]3525 • NFHR # 12-6750-G • sold July 2020

"Legolas" was purchased to be Jim's future riding horse and a friend for Yamsi, knowing that our Arab mare was in her final years. It turned out that Legolas had a lot to learn from us (including that mare!), and we in turn learned a lot from him.

All that progress still didn't make Legolas and Jim into an ideal team, however, so — with some sadness — we sent Legolas to be started under saddle and eventual consignment. The choice was the right one, and the timing was perfect. Legolas now answers to "Fenrir" and his new family is a truly good fit — everyone is happy!

Lost Creek Chestry

Tsjalle x BDF Winifred (by Gjest)
Mare • 06.12.2019 • CFHA # [CAN]3522 • sold June 2019

We would have been happy to keep Chestry as an eventual replacement for when her dam retires, but Dungård called us within days of her birth asking to buy her.  In hindsight, we should have stuck with our long-standing policy of not agreeing to sell youngsters before we even get to know them.  It's not that the placement was a bad fit, but rather that ultimately we never would have sold Chestry at all had we taken things at our own speed.

Chestry moved to Dungård in September 2020, where she will eventually join the broodmare band, and also be started as a riding horse when she's old enough.  We are still owed a filly from her as part of the contract of sale.

We did retain contractual right-of-first-refusal on Chestry, and not-so-secretly hope that she will return to Lost Creek upon producing a next-generation replacement for herself in the Dungård broodmare band ... the sooner the better! ;-)

Chestry's name comes from the Kate Seredy book The Chestry Oak. One of Gwen's childhood friends thought the name would be perfect for a chestnut mare ... and indeed, it is!

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