Sold Horses and Foals

HF King Leonidas

WH Stone x Iduna Acres Tova (by Smedsmo Graen)
Gelding • 07.13.2012 • CFHA # [CAN]3525 • NFHR # 12-6750-G

"Legolas" was purchased to be Jim's riding gelding and a friend for Yamsi, knowing that our Arab mare was in her final years.  It turned out that Legolas had a lot to learn from us (including that mare!), and we in turn learned a lot from him.  All that progress still didn't make Legolas and Jim into an ideal team, however, so — with some sadness — we sent Legolas to Dungård to be started under saddle (at Huckleberry Horses) and consignment.  The choice was the right one.  Legolas now answers to "Fenrir" and his new family is a truly good fit — everyone is happy!

Lost Creek Chestry

Tsjalle x BDF Winifred (by Gjest)
Mare • 06.12.2019 • CFHA # [CAN]3522

We would have been happy to keep Chestry as an eventual replacement for when her dam retires, but Dungård called us within days of her birth asking to buy her.  We couldn't think of a better home, especially when Dungård agreed to give us right-of-first-refusal as well as some extra time to work with Chestry and get to know her before she left.  Chestry moved to Dungård in September 2020, where she will eventually join the broodmare band there, and also be developed as a riding horse when she's old enough.  We not-so-secretly hope that Chestry will return to Lost Creek upon retirement from the Dungård broodmare band.

Chestry's name comes from the Kate Seredy book The Chestry Oak.  One of Gwen's childhood friends thought the name would be perfect for a chestnut mare ... and indeed, it is!

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