(BDF Winifred)

Gjest x Holly I (by Orka)

mare • 136 cm • 13.2 hh
b. 06.05.2005
red dun (AAee)
CFHA # [CAN]3518
NFHR # BDF-S-2744-M

Winny (aka "Super Winny") is our all-star!  She's a fun, energetic, and solid trail mount for any level of rider; she's produced two excellent fillies to date; she's our go-to horse when we need absolute reliability for any reason or activity, including a good example for any other horse.

Although Winny has not competed (and we're thoroughly tired of that world ourselves), she has many high-achieving close relatives:
• daughter FMF Liesl is currently competing at Fourth Level dressage, has placed in eventing competition, and was the 2017 USEF Dressage Pony Cup Champion
• maternal full-uncle Orgone ("Fuzz") is competing at Prix St. George in open competition
• dam Holly I is NFHR blue-evaluated, with B3 and HOF award

Winny has an outstanding, well-muscled hip an croup (unlike many if not most red duns), a strong loin, and excellent length of stride. The latter in particular means that she can and usually does outwalk horses a full hand taller than she is, and her trot is wonderfully easy to ride — no choppy pony trots from this gal! Winny handles every aspect of pregnancy with aplomb, and we hope she will produce many more outstanding foals for the Fjord community and to perpetuate the best of the Fjord breed.

Although Winny sire lived into his 30s, we don't know what the future holds for Winny's reproductive fitness, so we are planning to retain her next filly (assuming she even has another!) as a potential successor.

Winny's foals:

FMF Liesl (2009 mare by Flotren)
Lost Creek Chestry (2019 mare by Tsjalle)

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