(GPF Haldana)

Tico x Hirse Klattrup (by Citrus Klattrup)

mare • 140 cm • 13.3 hh
b. 06.10.2012
brown dun (AAEE)
CFHA # [CAN]3543
NFHR # 12-6732-M

We appreciate Hallie's sweetness, excellent "motor", and energetic nature ... and most people comment immediately on her cute face.  You can't ride a face, but we do have to admit it's cute.  Hallie knows this, and uses "cute" to her advantage whenever she can!  Hallie has superior athletic abilities, and loves to demonstrate that.  Hallie is also extremely sensitive, and very bright.  You know that person who excitedly finishes all your sentences for you, sometimes incorrectly?  That's Hallie!

Hallie came to us as a green trail horse with some known, disclosed issues and two prior offspring to her credit. Hallie obviously loves being a mom and having someone to look out for; she immediately took Linus under her wing.  Alas, poor Hallie — we only breed our mares in even numbered years, and she arrived too late in 2020 to be bred in sync with Winny and Willow.

A huge surprise to everyone (except maybe Hallie) was discovering that Hallie had some hidden issues with tasks she already knew, starting with backing out of a trailer ... which had the direct effect of preventing us from trailering her anywhere until we were sure that had been fully addressed!  Our "getting acquainted" time in late 2020 was filled judiciously with successful diagnostic and remedial lessons, but none of the trail time we'd been told that Hallie would need ... and in the process, our last stretch of good riding weather during our other mares' pre-maternity leave riding window evaporated.  This left us with a dilemma.  We didn't want to take Hallie out on the trail with Yamsi, who still needs a confident mentor himself.  We also didn't feel we had enough time to adequately train two new foals and Hallie later in 2021 (this turned out to be 100% correct!).  Fortunately we were offered an excellent solution, and so Hallie went to Dungård in Feburary 2021 on a broodmare lease with additional training under saddle as part of that agreement: trail time (including ponying youngsters in the mountains), dressage, and jumping.

Hallie has now indeed begun her dressage education, and she has been introduced to jumping, which she clearly enjoys.  Sadly, the end result of Hallie's additional trail miles and assessment during 2021 was that we were told Hallie is still tense and nervous on the trail, albeit dialed back and vastly safer now.  Based on this assessment, it does sound like Hallie probably isn't going to be happy as a trail horse ... and trail riding is what we do here.

Hallie will return to Lost Creek around July 2022 after she completes the broodmare lease — that is, after her 2022 foal has been weaned and Hallie's udder has reduced sufficiently to be comfortable during transport.  We'll benefit from having four horses here again so that no horse will be left alone when we take two horses out at the same time for trail riding or training.  Hallie will benefit from getting an updated evaluation from us so that her eventual placement will finally be a good fit ... because matching up horses (and llamas!) with the right people is the other thing we do here!

We'll be assessing whether Hallie's history of "forgetting" aspects of her training during any time off continues to be true, and we'll give Hallie a fair opportunity to show us what she's comfortable doing for less-skilled riders (us!).  If feasible, we'll get her some time and an assessment with a local dressage rider as well.  Although we fully expect to be looking for a new home for Hallie in the spring of 2023, Hallie might be available sooner ... or she might not be available at all.  We've recently been reminded that life with horses can be full of surprises!

Hallie's foals to date:

OFI SHF Selja (2016 mare by OFI Siljar)
WHR Freyr (2019 colt by OFI Thorsten)

Hallie is confirmed in foal to OFI Siljar for 2022; that foal will be owned by broodmare lessee Dungård

We will not have Hallie bred in 2022.  Although we are owed a breeding under the terms of the broodmare lease, a 2023 foal from Hallie does not align with our current plans.


"Haldana" means half Danish ... and Hallie's ancestry is indeed one-half Danish Fjord breeding.  She's been called "Hallie" — pronounced HAL-ee — since birth.

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