(Lost Creek Linus)

OFI Siljar x Willows Skjonnti (by Fair Acres Ole)

gelding • 133cm • 13.0hh (@ 20mo)
b. 05.20.2019
brown dun (AaEE)
CFHA # [CAN]3523

Linus has a near-perfect Fjord temperament coupled with a nicely dialed-back version of his uncle Yamsi's zest for life.  We see a lot of his sire (OFI Siljar) and uncle Yamsi in Linus, but not too much of his dam.

Linus is the first foal from Willow; we got exactly what we were after in his temperament.  We did not anticipate retaining Linus, but his disposition and temperament were so supremely suited for Jim (and, in the process, underlining just how mismatched Legolas was with Jim) that we agreed Legolas would be better served with a combination of professional training and a new, good-match home and that Linus should stay here, even though Jim had to start the wait-until-my-gelding-is-old-enough-to-ride process all over again.

Linus greatly enjoys his lessons and playtime with Jim, and is learning the skills he will need to be a safe partner on the trail and eventually under saddle.  Linus is also learning that people don't necessarily like horses in their pockets ALL the time ... but that's dawning on him slowly with many relapses, reminiscent of Yamsi at the same age!

Linus means "flaxen haired", which could apply to pretty much any Fjord.  The name also invokes fond memories of the beloved Peanuts character Linus.

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