We welcome fragrance-free visitors!
We (and our Fjords) especially enjoy discussing Horse Speak®.
Most of our llamas like visitors, too.

We are happy to introduce people to our Fjords (whether you're shopping or not).  We may be able to help you discover whether Fjords are right for you ... and if so, how to narrow down what sort of Fjord is best suited to you and your goals.  We also enjoy discussing all aspects of the Norwegian Fjord breed, from total equine basics on up to Fjord-specific minutia — the sky is the limit!

We occasionally have purebred registered Norwegian Fjord Horses for sale.
We will entertain custom breeding SOME of our mares as time and schedule openings permit.  If you can commit to waiting for a young Fjord raised in a horse-centric setting, contact us to begin the conversation.
In unique circumstances **and strictly at our option**, we may lease a horse out on a pre-sale trial.

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For clarity, here are some things we won't or can't do  ...

We do not board horses, we do not train horses (other than our own), and due to insurance limitations, we cannot provide riding experiences.  If you are looking for an opportunity to ride a Fjord as part of deciding whether the breed might be right for you, please contact us for ideas and possible options.

We do not trade riding for "mucking out stalls" — because we don't provide riding experiences (see above) and we rarely keep our horses in stalls long enough for "muck" to happen.

We do not rent or lease our horses for riding or for other equestrian activities.

We no longer lease any of our mares off-site for breeding, and we will NOT consider doing so.

We do not own a stallion and have no plans (nor the infrastructure) to maintain a stallion on site.

We do not own any frozen semen at this time.

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