Lost Creek Nyota

OFI Siljar x GPF Haldana (by Tico)

filly • 120.5cm / 11.3-1/2hh @ 6 months
b. 08.27.2023
uls ["white"] dun (AaEE;NCr)
CFHA # [CAN]3651

Nyota is the third of three full siblings (the first two are also fillies); there is also an actively-breeding stallion (Wyldwood's Floki) who is the product of Nyota's paternal grandsire Skogheims Viljar (also actively breeding) and maternal granddam Hirse Klattrup — 50% of Nyota's ancestry.  In short, this is not a pairing we would have chosen ourselves because genetic diversity in the overall North American Fjord gene pool is already lacking.  But while Hallie was away from our farm, she and Nyota's sire purportedly had their own ideas and acted on them.  Gotta love life with animals; it's never boring!

Because we'd wanted a filly sired by Siljar for years, from a strictly personal standpoint, we're pleased to have finally hit that previously elusive jackpot.  We're exceptionally tickled that Nyota appears to have beaten the genetic odds and inherited far more than her share of Hallie's attributes, including that jaw-dropping physical talent, stunning breed type, and love of interacting with sensitive humans.

Nyota's future is highly dependent on how her energy level shapes up as she matures.  If she turns out to be a gallops-for-the-love-of-it type of horse with a solid pathfinder bent, she'll leave Lost Creek to begin the next chapter of her life as a CDE prospect.  If not, we will retain her ourselves as a future trail partner for Jim and occasional breeding for end users (so Nyota's repetitious genetics won't matter).   Linus rather likes his little half-sister and votes that she stays right here!  :-)

Nyota's favorite activities are getting extremely muddy, getting mud in the water tank, and pulling the hose out of the water tank while it's supposed to be filling up with clean water.


Nyota is a Swahili word for "star", and was inspired by Star Trek character Nyota Uhura, the communications officer on the original series. Indeed our Nyota is already quite a star, having appeared in numerous videos on the Horse Speak® Club, a group which — fittingly — is focused on interspecies communication.

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