Lost Creek Roslyn

Njord Halsnaes x BDF Winifred (by Gjest)

b. 05.07.2024
red dun (AAee)
CFHA registration pending

With Winny close to aging out of reproduction, our burning desire has been to produce a "mini-Winny" for our herd — a Fjord expressing all of the traits and attributes we most appreciate in our beloved senior mare.  Sensible and talented Njord Halsnaes was the perfect choice to sire our dream ... and for the cherry on top, our final keeper foal is a filly!!!

We got our Fjords to enjoy them on the trail, not to sideline them for breeding ... and tomorrow is promised to no one.  Once Roslyn is weaned, Winny will be returning to the trails with us for good.  We anticipate that Roslyn will someday step into her mom's mighty and mentor-ly hoofprints when Winny lets us know she is ready to step down from trail riding.  It's also possible that Roslyn will produce a few foals herself in the future.  For now, Roslyn is growing up here, taking all the time it takes to mature — both physically and mentally — and learning to be very good at being a horse and also how to become a very good partner with her new humans.


Roslyn is an ancient name combining the elements "hros" (horse) and "lind" (gentle).  Anyone who knows both Winny and Njord can attest it's going to be a perfect fit.

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