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Lost Creek Tolliver

available 2022; $7000 USD

colt (brown dun), to be gelded early 2022
CFHA/CLRC registration pending
b. 05.29.2021
Tsjalle x Willow

Tolliver is a very talented and willing young fellow!  Read more about him here.

More photos of Tolly are periodically posted on the Lost Creek Fjords' Facebook page (all publicly viewable; you don't need to have a FB account).  Click here to view Tolly's first liberty movement video on Vimeo.

We are retaining Tolliver temporarily for further training and development, and to oversee his castration and recovery.  We project he'll be ready to leave us in April or May of 2022.  Contact us for more information, to schedule a visit, or to reserve Tolliver.  Price includes current Coggins and CVI.


not yet priced

(registered name Willows Steinar)
brown dun gelding
b. 05.13.2013
Fair Acres Ole x Elsie Rose

Yamsi wants an active, extraverted, and creative partner — or maybe two or three? — who will ride and play with him year-round, not just seasonally. Yamsi is very much an extravert with a high desire for mental stimulation and interaction; he resents our other obligations and horses. He's not mean about it, but he does make it very clear that he's frustrated and wants MORE THINGS TO DO!

Yamsi's idea of a good time is anything active that is within (or at least not too far out of) his current comfort zone — trails with another horse along, jumping in the arena, and figuring out what movement his human is asking for with that new cue (and then offering it up ever after!).  Standing still for very long ... nope, doesn't like that.  To be clear, he'll happily stand still when he knows there's a payoff coming, such as for mounting or waiting to be tacked up at the trailer, but standing around while humans chat endlessly ... nope, doesn't like that.

Read more about Yamsi here, and then contact us if you think you might be the person Yamsi is looking for. We are NOT in a hurry to sell him, and will NOT sell him into anything less then a perfect-fit situation!!! 


not yet priced

(registered name GPF Haldana)
brown dun mare (AAEE)
b. 06.10.2012
Tico x Hirse Klattrup (by Citrus Klattrup)

We bought Hallie in late 2020 as a trail horse and broodmare and were quite excited about her in many ways, but it turns out our role in Hallie's life is going to be breaking a long and unhappy pattern of people wanting square-peg-Hallie to fit herself into round-hole trail riding homes.

During 2021, Hallie started becoming a capable dressage partner and developing her under-saddle jumping skills, but alas, more trail time has only served to convince everyone that Hallie actually doesn't like to be ridden on trails!  It's not for lack of trying (she very much wants to please) and she has improved considerably with the additional experience, but we're told that Hallie just isn't relaxing nor feeling secure in that environment, even with a "buddy horse" along whom she trusts.  Unfortunately, trail riding is what we do here, so Hallie is going to be looking for someone who appreciates her for the skill set she does have ... and, fortunately for her, matching up horses (and llamas) with the right people is the other thing we do here!

Hallie is currently away on a broodmare lease (which we entered in order to get Hallie the additional training and assessment).  Hallie is due to foal in late March or early April, and she will return here after the foal is weaned.  We are owed a 2022 breeding for a 2023 foal as part of the broodmare lease arrangement, but we would prefer Hallie's next person make their own decisions whether to breed her or not, and if so, when and to what stallion.

Read more about Hallie here.  If you are interested in Hallie, contact us and we'll start the conversation!

Sales Policies

• To reserve a foal (or any horse that is not ready to leave, such as a lactating mare or a young colt awaiting castration), we require a 25% deposit. Once a foal is fully weaned (or an older horse becomes ready to leave), we require a minimum of an additional 25%.

• To reserve a weanling or older horse ready to leave except for any interstate travel paperwork, we require a minimum 50% deposit.

• Full payment is required before any horse leaves Lost Creek Fjord Horses.

Horses are family to us and to many others; it's important that we place each individual leaving our family into another situation that is a good and long-term match. As such, we do not sell newborn foals nor do we "pre-sell" foals in utero.

Once a foal has established themselves enough to let us know who they are, and once they are able to show us what they are best suited for, we will attempt to match that foal with any pending requests in our current "waiting pool" as well as listing them for sale here and elsewhere.  The supply of purebred Fjord on the market is currently minimal, so if you are seriously interested in buying one, don't wait too long to contact us! Be sure to tell us about your situation, what you are looking for, and if you have a budget you need to stick to.

All of our foals are microchipped, DNA tested, and registered with CFHA prior to departure. In the interest of assisting other breeders with the important task of rare color preservation and type improvement of the rare colors, fillies will also have a DNA color test if the results are not already obvious based on parental color genome.

We never intend to sell our adult horses, but there are times we discover that a new home or career is the best choice. If you are looking for a Fjord horse older than a weanling, it's a good idea to contact us with your "wish list" (and your budget, if applicable) ... just in case we (or someone we know) is thinking of parting with a horse that could be your Fjunicorn.

Please remember — our horses are handled and trained to be partners and respectful friends, using natural horsemanship methods. They are kept together as a herd in a bare-ground track paddock with daily turnout time for grazing and cavorting in larger pastures.  Although foals are stalled periodically from a young age to prepare them for the high likelihood of short-term stalling in their future, they definitely will not appreciate living in a box full time.

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