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Any horses currently for sale and without in-person or virtual interviews pending from people in our waiting pool will be listed below. 

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Sales Policies

We produce foals in odd numbered years only ... 2019, 2021, 2023, etc.

We never intend to sell our adult horses, but as we have learned, sometimes we discover that a new home or career is the best choice. If you are looking for a Fjord horse older than a weanling, it's a good idea to contact us with your "wish list" ... just in case we (or someone else we know) is thinking of parting with a horse that could be your Fjunicorn.

Horses are family to us and to many others; it's important that we place each individual leaving our family into another situation that is a good match. As such, We do not sell foals in utero, nor will we accept deposits until foals are around one month of age.

Once a foal has established themselves enough to tell us who they are, and once they are able to show us what they are best suited for, we will first attempt to match that foal with any pending requests in our current "waiting pool". Only if we do not find a good match will we list them for sale here (or anywhere else) — so if you are seriously interested in buying a foal, don't wait too long to contact us! Be sure to tell us about your situation and what you are looking for.

All of our foals are microchipped, DNA tested, and registered with CFHA. In the interest of assisting other breeders with the important task of rare color preservation and type improvement of the rare colors, fillies will also have a color test if the results are not already obvious based on parental color genome.

• To reserve a foal (or any horse that is not ready to leave), we require a 25% deposit.
• To reserve a horse ready to leave except for any interstate travel paperwork, we require a 50% deposit.
• Full payment is required before any horse leaves Lost Creek Fjord Horses.

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