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We assume no responsibility or liability for any person's use, misuse, interpretation or misinterpretation of the content herein, including any user's failure to find, read, and comprehend this sentence!  If you wish to allege this website has published a factual error or contains defamatory content, contact the publisher by email — webmaster (at) llamaprints dot com — and be sure that any demand(s) for correction or retraction are in full compliance with ORS 31.215

Now that we have THAT out of the way ...

This website will grow and change (as it has in the past) as we grow and learn ourselves.  It will never be complete nor "correct" for all purposes or by the criteria of all (or perhaps any) other people.  The website software meets our criteria of being useable offline (essential in a rural area) ... but it can be wonky and misbehave.  The website format has certain limitations.  We may consolidate or summarize information to maintain readability.  If additional details about a particular horse might be germane for a particular customer, we will certainly err on the side of providing too much information rather than risk omitting anything (just ask anyone who knows us!).  Typographical and grammatical errors are also possible.   Still, we really do try to be as accurate as we can. 

As is so often said, life is what happens while people are making other plans.  Our website is a snapshot of one point in time.  Statements of intent on this website are exactly that — projections based on the information we have, with no knowledge of (and sometimes no control over) what will happen in the future.  So!  If we say that a horse might be for sale in the future, that is not a guarantee of future availability.  If a foal is shown on this site as being planned, that is also not guaranteed.  Even if a foal or horse is shown as available, that doesn't guarantee that it is still available — we're out living our life, not updating the website in real time ... situations change ... and "stuff" happens.

Likewise, our positions and practices as stated on this website are not static, but are continually growing and evolving.  Statements of our current positions and practices are presented to help potential customers decide if our currently-for-sale foals or horses (if any) are more (or less) likely to fit into their current situation.

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