(Willows Skjonnti)

Fair Acres Ole x Elsie Rose (by Sverre)

mare • 142 cm • 14.0 hh
b. 03.16.2009
brown dun (AAEE)
CFHA # [CAN]3521
NFHR # 09-6180-M

Willow is a steady-eddy gal, trustworthy and nonreactive in any situation and with any rider (although she will test every new rider to find out whether she can get away with snacking!).  Willow has a lot of athletic talent, but prefers to keep that a secret most of the time.

Willow is an excellent trail mount for advanced-beginner Jim, and we would have to call her a total success as a broodmare in one respect ... because we couldn't part with her first foal, Lost Creek Linus!

Willow is a great mom, but we are observing that pregnancy is taking a greater toll on her than we believe is normal, and it may not fall within the range of what is acceptable.  We are providing her with extra support during her pregnancies and will retire her from breeding relatively early, but hopefully not before producing a filly to carry on Willow's best traits.  Because a colt can't be screened for inheritance of maternal issues, all Willow's colts will be gelded.

Willow's foals:

Lost Creek Linus (2019 gelding by OFI Siljar) — retained

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