Lost Creek Tolliver

Tsjalle x Willows Skjonnti (by Fair Acres Ole)

colt • 122cm • 12.0hh  (@ 6 months)
b. 05.29.2021
brown dun (AaE-)
CFHA # pending

Tolliver is a leggy Fjord with the lighter, "sporty" type build — more horse-like than pony-like — and all the innate energy and spunk to use his physical talent to its fullest potential.  Tolly has a nicely defined set of withers (not common in Fjords) and is an "uphill" mover — naturally light on the forehand.  Tolliver really enjoys jumping things ... because he can!  We are expecting him to mature at 14.2hh minimum; castration will likely add a bit more height, too.

Although physically active and rambunctious with his cohorts — definitely presenting on the extravert side of things — Tolly's overall disposition is very nicely balanced. He quickly responds to being stroked gently and will just quietly stand with a human almost indefinitely (as long as the attention continues).

Tolliver is already tackling real-life trail obstacles (including water) with confidence and aplomb.  On his jaunts to the Indoor Mountain Trail Courses at Oregon Horse Center in late 2021, Tolly quickly assessed the challenges, navigated them handily, and generally astonished onlookers by outperforming a number of the older and even trail-experienced adult horses also playing on the course (photos here).  It doesn't matter which one of us is handling him — Tolliver is attentive, self-controlled, and eager to try anything that's asked of him.

Tolliver's mom Willow is a steady-eddy gal, trustworthy and nonreactive in any situation; Tolliver's sire Tsjalle is a well-built, athletic stallion with outstanding work ethic and "try".  Tolly got much the best of both parents.

Tolliver's dam retains her placenta, and we are not about to risk passing along that problematic trait, so Tolliver will be castrated in early 2022.  Based on our knowledge of his dam line, we are expecting Tolliver to change noticeably after he's gelded, so although he are sure will remain a capable trail partner and eager to jump anything we point him at, we don't yet feel comfortable projecting exactly where on the calm-to-spirited scale Tolly will end up.  In other words, we're confident that Tolliver will make a fun and competitive hunter-jumper, eventing, or trail horse ... we just don't yet have all the information we need to ensure a successful match for him.

Tolliver will be for sale a couple of months after castration — likely by April or May 2022.  We're definitely enjoying furthering Tolly's trail training and other skill-building while he's with us.

If you are interested in Tolliver, feel free to contact us.

Tolliver is usually a surname, but occasionally it's used as a given name for boys.  As one of our friends exclaimed, "It's like Oliver, but way more cool!"  It also just so happens that "Tolliver" is the 8th generation in an unbroken line of "T" names going back through his sire's ancestry.

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